Air Dryer

Automatic water spray steam horizontal retort

Steam Jacket

Chemical mixing tank

Circulated hot water tank

Cooking & Cooling basin

Crab cooking unit

Herbs boiler

Hot water type shrimp cooking basin

Loop type Continuous Cooker

Productivity is 1 tonnes/hour.
Use for shrimp, shell, fish, squid

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  • Shrimp Grading Machine 12 Roller 2 infeed
  • Tuna Grading Machine
  • Prewasher
  • Continuous steam cooker
  • Loop type continuous cooker
  • Retort, Sterilizer, Precooker
  • Conveyor, Free rollers
  • Cans washer, Basket washer, Tray, Cooking baskets, Bag Filling
  • Working Tables, Trolley Tray
  • Automatic Medicines Counter
  • Rotary Screen